Turabian Principles

Few styles have proven so effective as the Turabian method. In fact, Kate Turabian created a delicate blend of modern language guidelines and common sense, which has long been used for reference by academia. Replete with guidelines and instruction, the Turabian manual is your first step for solid paper writing. The Turabian Principles When Kate… Read More »

Kate Turubian and Modern Writers

Kate Turabian was born in 1893, and worked as a dissertation secretary at the University of Chicago. Turabian serves as another instance of greatness in writing coming out of Chicago. She later authored the Student’s Guide for Writing College Papers, which made a name for her in higher education. In the last 60 years, Kate… Read More »


When you sit down to write an academic paper or business report, how often do you feel totally confident at the outset? Do you pass your paper to friends over and over again, hoping that their edits will catch all of your stylistic mistakes? How often do these methods prove foolproof? Learning to Write Every… Read More »

Why Use Endnotes, Endnotes vs. Footnotes

Even though parenthetical style citations have become popular in modern academia, there are plenty of times when they are not quite appropriate. You might find that you are dealing with an “old-school” editor who requires the use of endnotes. In fact, for many manuscript publications, endnotes are the preferred method of citation. Why Use Endnotes?… Read More »

Chicago Style Software

The Chicago Style Manual has become popular largely because of its comprehensiveness. Virtually any grammatical or stylistic question you might have will be answered within the pages of the Chicago Manual of Style. But how can you commit so many rules and regulations to memory? The Wealth of Information in Chicago Style