Writing Your AMCAS Personal Statement

Writing an AMCAS personal statement for medical school is tricky. While your essay has to convey a message of professionalism and attention to detail, it must also be entertaining and informative. As someone who knows quite a bit about writing AMCAS essays, allow me to offer the following information.

Writing Your AMCAS Personal Statement

The American Medical College Application service helps thousands of students apply to hundreds of colleges all over the world. Most medical school directors use the AMCAS application (as opposed to their own) in order to make things easier on their staff as well as the students. What’s terrific about the AMCAS personal essay is that the same one is sent to every college applied. In other words, applicants don’t have to write a separate personal essay for every school in which they’re interested.

That which makes the AMCAS process easier, however, also makes it more difficult. Since all the med schools are aware that their AMCAS applicants only have to write one essay, they are counting on those essays to be stellar. That is why I encourage all AMCAS applicants to take their time with the essay section. Write several drafts, if necessary, and hire a professional editor to help you with the final revision, purchase essay online.

The AMCAS application process is tough, that’s for sure. Fortunately, there are many professional editing companies that can help. For assistance in finding an editor to proof your AMCAS personal statement, or if you need help writing your secondary essays and/or residency program personal statement, please access the link provided.

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