The Residency Application Process

In the residency application process, the personal essay plays a tremendous role. As a resident in a hospital, you will no longer be attending medical school classes but actually working as a doctor with live patients. That being said, residency directors want to know as much about your personal beliefs and character as they do your education.

 The Residency Application Process

The most important part of any residency essay, in my opinion, is the first paragraph. Considering that the admissions committee have hundreds if not thousands of applications to read, you definitely want to make your stand out. The best way to do this is to open your essay with something interesting.

There are several ways you can make the first paragraph of your residency essay stand out. One way is to begin with an interesting anecdote or quote. Another is to state your thesis boldly and creatively. Just make sure that whatever you do, it relates directly to the overall theme of your main idea.

The residency application process isn’t easy, but if you do it well the pay off is more than worth the effort! For more information about finding a residency program and/or if you would like help in writing your AMCAS personal statement, please don’t hesitate to access the link provided.

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