Research paper

One of the main difficulties found in a contemporary system of education is writing a research paper. When giving a topic of a research paper for students, professors do not pay attention on how and where the sources can be found. To achieve supreme excellence in research paper writing, you need more than just the… Read More »

Sample #8 (Poetry analysis)

Title: Robert Frost “The Road Not Taken” […] A famous writer Robert Frost in his poem “The Road Not Taken” raises a philosophical question: whether a person should choose a well-trodden path in order not to be mistaken, or to choose another, unknown path, to be the first on this way and to lay track… Read More »

Sample #7 (Coursework sample)

Title: Counseling Abused Women: Factors Contributing to Successful Outcome […] Violence against women happens in every country all over the world. There is no country in which women are not exposed to some kind of violence. Women and children around the world, across lines of income, class and traditional views, are exposed to physical, sexual… Read More »

Sample #6 (Term paper)

Title: Is Turkey economically ready to join EU? […] Turkey’s candidature for the European Union is maybe the most controversial and consequently well-analyzed of any in the history of the organization. The topics of the debate are familiar: human rights abuses, overly uppermost military, and the impact of Islam on the one hand, contrary to… Read More »

Sample #5 (Essay paper)

Title: Organizational Behavior Issue […] The Industrial Revolution that began from the development of steam power and the founding of big factories in the late Eighteenth Century result in great alterations in the production of fabrics and other products. The factories that developed created great difficulties to organization that had not existed before. Governing these… Read More »