As you put the finishing touches on your research paper or business report, you’ll want to begin compiling your bibliography. During the writing process, you will use the parenthetical citations as outlined in the APA style manual. For each source you cite, you will need to include it in your list of works cited at… Read More »

Research Paper Format

Many students are wondering about the format of their research paper and where they should start. Doing a research paper format or thesis which requires 400 pages or more can be a daunting task. Some of the questions a student might ask is: How do I format my paper and prepare my Manuscript? How do… Read More »

How to Write a Research Paper: Example

If you have ever come across the quote of Gene Fowler on writing, you would discover that writing is indeed serious business. However, there are some things about writing that make it actually fun. Some might say that starting to write is the hard part. However, there are some aspects of writing that can actually… Read More »

APA Guidelines for Correct Form

APA guidelines have made the documentation process much easier. Using parenthetical citations, you can quickly and easily cite the works of others, avoiding plagiarism and keeping your paper clean. These guidelines have changed since the old days of schooling, and now have been adapted to encompass all sorts of analytical papers and publications. APA Guidelines… Read More »

APA Guide

Plagiarism can be a pricey mistake, costing money, hassle, and jeopardizing your career. You want to make sure that you are properly using modern standards for documenting your sources as you write. Luckily, the APA Guide provides plenty of helpful guidelines for documenting your sources. The Price of Plagiarism