Writing an Exemplary Statement Of Purpose

When applying to college, many students are asked to submit a statement of purpose. Similar to the personal statement essay, the statement of purpose is a two page composition that students must write and submit with their application form. Statements of purpose allow students to demonstrate their writing abilities and give admission board members the chance to get to know their applicants.

 Writing an Exemplary Statement Of Purpose

The reason that statements of purpose are so important in the application process is because they represent the factor over which students have complete and immediate control. Let’s say, for instance, that your test scores and/or grades aren’t that exemplary. Obviously, you cannot go back and change your academic history. What you can do, however, is draw the admission council’s attention away from your below average grades with an above average statement of purpose.

The statement of purpose is your one and only chance to speak directly to the university admissions board members and convince them that you are an excellent candidate for their school. When writing your statement essay, make sure that your voice is heard loud and clear. Be passionate, be enthusiastic, be reasonable, and above all be creative.

Statements of purpose are some of the most complicated papers to write. If you would like help writing your statement essay or if you would like some tips on how to compose quality college admission essays, please don’t hesitate to contact me. As someone who has written several statements of purpose for a variety of different schools, I believe that I am more than qualified to assist you.

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