Sample #4 (Book report)

Title: Martin Hollis and Steve Smith “Explaining and understanding in International Relations” […] The book “Explaining and understanding in International Relations” by Martin Hollis and Steve Smith is a very useful and extremely accessible book for people who are involved in international relations. It tends to give a practical judgment in certain situations. The accuracy… Read More »

Sample #3 (Research paper)

Title: Effective Communication in Business Meetings […] Effective communication will increase productivity in business meetings. It is the oil that greases the business machinery. When one cannot communicate effectively, business meetings are unsuccessful. The competitive environment demands that communication should be prompt and more informal than ever before. Communication methods are among those that workers… Read More »

Sample #2 (Coursework)

Title: The role of the Internet in Marketing […] This “Internet revolution” can be valued by different factors, such as online sales, amount of Internet users, amount of host computers, and amount of domains. All these figures are unchangeable; the common feature of them is fast-paced growth. There was the growth in the amount of… Read More »

Sample #1 (Case study essay)

Title: Consumer protection […] Under UK law, customers have the same powers as in any other types of commerce. The government is also longing to change existing regulations to help to clear up any obscurity in present law to help trade and ultimately customer protection. The great part of law is still included in the… Read More »

Sample writing

We try to make your life easier delivering you high quality research paper writing. Our writing team provides you with essays that meet the highest academic standards. At our site you can find the combination of good quality and reasonable prices. We have a customer care center, 100% custom research paper free of plagiarism and… Read More »

Compare Contrast Essays

Compare contrast essays are among the common types of essays assigned to students for their academic assignment. Compare and contrast essays generally require students to write an essay analysing two or more texts, novels, topics or subjects with the intent of pointing the similarities and differences which occur between them. The primary purpose of compare… Read More »