Writing First Drafts for Law School Essays

In previous posts of this blog, we have discussed the importance of creating both a work calendar to suit your admissions essay writing schedule as well as an outline for your composition. Now, I would like to move on to what I believe is the next crucial phase of this writing process: the first draft. Whether you are writing undergraduate essays or Law school essays, you must write a first draft.

Writing First Drafts for Law School Essays

Writing the first draft of your school essay should not be a difficult task. Since it is only a draft, you should not be concerned with the number of errors and/or grammatical mistakes in this version of your composition. Instead, feel free to write your first draft without any editing whatsoever. Write whatever comes to mind and then fix it later.

I like to think of a first draft as an exercise in free association. Let’s say, for instance, that your focus is on law school essays. Like any other admissions composition, law school essays must be compelling and carefully written. That is why a first draft is so important! When you are writing the first draft of your law school essay, don’t worry about organization and/or structure. Instead, just get all of your thoughts and points of view out on paper. Then, once that is done, you can take all the time you need to go back, systematize your arguments, fix any grammatical errors, and work towards the completion of a perfect law school essay.

Attempting to write a perfect law school essay (or any other type of admissions composition) in one draft is like trying to pencil sketch an intricate image without an eraser. It simply isn’t a good idea! The more drafts you write, the more mistakes you can make. . .and later correct. So if you are writing an admissions essay, do yourself a favor and create as many drafts as possible. Trust me when I tell you that you won’t regret it! In the meanwhile, if you would like additional information on law school essays and/or law school personal statements, then I encourage you to read on!

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