When you sit down to write an academic paper or business report, how often do you feel totally confident at the outset? Do you pass your paper to friends over and over again, hoping that their edits will catch all of your stylistic mistakes? How often do these methods prove foolproof?


Learning to Write
Every good writer learns the elements of style. There are so many fine points of grammar and usage that no single writer can know each one, all the time. In fact, the English language is continually evolving, creating the need for further and revised guidelines.

The Need for Reference
That’s why most writers have a reference book, that they can use whenever they need guidance. From the basic formats for different publications to the specifics of citations, writing reference guides have helped writers hone their craft for years. With modern guides taking technology and a changing world into account, you can be sure to have the most correct format for the present time.

Some of the most popular reference guides include the APA Style Guide and the Chicago Manual of Style. These are tried and true resources for the modern writer, and have been relied upon countless times. Once you begin to discover all of the instruction available to you in these guides, you will want to keep them nearby as you write, for ultimate reference.

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