How to Write a Good Essay

This thing that we are about to mention has certainly caused great trouble to all of you at least once in your lifetime. Irrespectively of our current occupation (which does not have to be anything connected to any sort of academic writing) every single one of us has had at least one essay assignment during their lifetime. When we think of all those writing assignments we had at school, we come to the conclusion that each and every one of us has had to write a number of essays during our lifetimes. Now, we all claim to be able to write it, however, not all of us can claim that they can write a good essay.

How to Write a Good Essay

Many times you could not help but wonder why your essay was evaluated so low even though you know you have given the greatest effort in its creation. Writing a good essay is far from easy and here we provide a main guideline which will help you write the perfect essay.

To write the perfect essay, there are three main things you should dedicate a piece of your precious time to: planning your essay, writing the first draft (which by no means should be the last draft) and finally the editing and proofreading part. After all that is done, you will have the final and optimal version of the essay.

The planning of the essay is always the hardest part because even when you have enough inspiration, you often have several ideas on mind and you cannot decide which one to write in particular, whether you will provide a whole essay on facts about that topic, because in an essay, there is just one topic provided by the title that requires your research, not more than one. Choose the topic which will be appealing for many readers and choose the title and make it intriguing to the readers.

The second step consists of two things: first, write down on a bulleted list all ideas you want to incorporate in your essay (a phrase for each idea, nothing more) and using that list write your first draft elaborating on those ideas.

Finally it has come the time for the editing and proofreading part. Here you can do whatever you think may improve the quality of your written work. If you think that the sentence from the second paragraph should be changed by other sentence, now is the time to do that. After you have done this, read the whole thing one more time and hand it to the person giving you the task.

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