Getting Personal in Your Personal Statement

In the essay section of many college applications, students are asked to submit a personal statement outlining their specific goals and/or beliefs. Personal statements are important to the college application process because they give admissions board members the opportunity to get to know their perspective students on an intimate level. If you are applying to college this year and are planning to compose a personal essay, I suggest that you read the following information.

Getting Personal in Your Personal Statement

The key to a successful personal statement is in the details. When you are creating an outline for your personal essay, think carefully about what personal details you think will best enhance your composition overall. Creating the personal essay is your opportunity to distinguish yourself from everyone else who is applying, so don’t hesitate to be creative and unique in your approach.

Admission board members want to know as much as possible about their applicants so that they can make well informed decisions. Keep this in mind when writing your statement. Don’t be afraid to get personal! Although your essay should be well organized and your writing grammatically correct, the overall tone of your personal composition should be intimate. Discuss your points of view passionately, address your personal goals with zeal, and give the admissions board every reason to grant you admission.

Unlike technical and/or research papers, personal essays require the author to search within his or herself for the answers. That is why I believe that personal statements are some of the hardest papers to write. Rest assured, however, that with the right approach, and a good amount of time, you will have no trouble perfecting your personal statement.

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