Creating a Quality Application Essay

There is no question that the application essay process can be a bit intimidating. As someone who has written several admissions essays, I know exactly how exasperating a process it can be! And that is why I have created this website. After years of school and dozens of compositions, I believe that I have come up with an effective formula for writing application essays from which anyone can benefit.

Creating a Quality Application Essay

If you wish to write a quality application essay, the first thing to which you must commit is the simple fact that it is going to take a while. So, do yourself a favor and get any ideas you might have of completing your admissions essay in a few hours out of your head. In fact, I would recommend that you give yourself at least a month to work on your admissions essay so that you don’t feel rushed or anxious (as this could have a negative effect on your writing).

The more time you allow for your work, the more fully you will be able to experience the creative process. This is why I believe that every student should start working on his or her application composition several weeks and/or months in advance. If you are planning to apply to college next year, I recommend that you get a calendar and map out a specific schedule for your work. Although this might seem unnecessary, I promise you that making this schedule will aid tremendously in the overall process.

Designing a personalized schedule for your work is the first step toward an excellent application essay. Once you have created this schedule, feel free to read on to the next page. In the meanwhile, if you have any questions about admissions essays and/or graduate school essays, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

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