Composing Pharmacy Personal Statements

Pharmacy personal statements are tough to write. Not only must potential students describe their personal perspectives and characteristics, but they almost must be persuasive in their argument for why they are excellent candidates for pharmacy school. All in all it’s a tough assignment … tough, but not impossible!

Composing Pharmacy Personal Statements

Before you start writing your pharmacy admissions essay, I recommend that you first take a moment and map out your game plan. What, specifically, do you plan to discuss in your statement? Frequently, such a distinction is unnecessary as many pharmacy schools give applicants a topic on which to write. In any event, however, it helps to be organized. discount code CLICK HERE.

Once you know your topic, I recommend that your narrow the scope. If, for example, you are asked to write on why you would make a good pharmacist, you should take some time to think on that question and come up with as detailed an answer as possible. Stay away from broad responses (such as “I would make a good pharmacist because I care about people”) and lean more toward specific instances in your life that have led you to believe you are right for the field.

Like all admissions essays, pharmacy personal statements aren’t a breeze to write. They aren’t supposed to be! With that in mind, take your time and use all the resources you can to execute a brilliant composition. For more information on writing a medical school essay, or if you have questions about other fields such as writing an MBA essay, please access the link provided.

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