Compare Contrast Essays

Compare contrast essays are among the common types of essays assigned to students for their academic assignment. Compare and contrast essays generally require students to write an essay analysing two or more texts, novels, topics or subjects with the intent of pointing the similarities and differences which occur between them.

Compare Contrast Essays

The primary purpose of compare contrast essays is to clearly point all the points all similarities and distinctions relating to two or more themes, situations, texts or any other idea, to the reader in an effective through accurate and clear analysis. Thus, critical thinking is the primary basis of compare contrast essays.

Students may be required to write compare contrast essays on several topics. Some compare and contrast essays may be based on two or poems by the same poet or two or more poems by different poets. Students may sometimes be required to write compare and contrast essays on the theme between two novels of the same genre or between two novels from different genres. Some compare contrast essays topics may require students to study and write between two similar characters from different novels with regard to their role and functions. As such, compare and contrast essay topics can be based on numerous themes.

Writing compare contrast essays does not simply mean noting the most obvious differences between two themes. What should be carefully studied in compare contrast essays are the unseen points which can be compared and contrasted. For instance, the inner qualities of two individuals being compared and contrasted may not be easily apparent and students may need to look for sentences and phrases indicating these aspects. Careful study and analysis is therefore one of the most crucial aspects of compare and contrast essays.

For instance, students may be asked to write a compare contrast essay on two of Shakespeare’s famous works. Students should begin by creating an outline and writing down the main points which they will be basing their compare and contrast essay on. They should then begin with an introduction about Shakespeare and some of his famous works. The thesis statement at the end of the introduction should then carefully state the main theme which students will be using for writing the rest of the compare contrast essay. The main topic of the compare and contrast essay could be anything ranging from comparing and contrasting two characters from the selected works to or distinguishing between two characters, themes or events from the selected works.

Regardless of the compare contrast essay topic, students need to focus on in-depth analysis and research when writing these essays. The key ingredient in these essays will be the similarities and differences of two main themes, events, personalities, contexts or any other aspect. Compare and contrast essays should follow a specific format and must be structured according to the instructions. Following the MLA citation style for writing compare contrast essays is desirable. However, students may sometimes be asked to follow the APA citation style for writing compare contrast essays.

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