College Essays

College essays are important academic documents, assigned to students in order to develop their critical thinking skills and writing abilities. College essay writing also facilitates the development of analytical skills so that students learn to survey and analyze situations in real life.

College Essays

The development of writing skills and abilities are crucial for students to be prepared for their graduate programs where they will be required to have excellent writing abilities in order to secure good grades.

College essays are primarily of two kinds – the first is the essay which students need to write in order to get admission to the college or university of their choice. The second is the regular college essay in which students have to engage in research based writing activity and present their opinion on a topic or subject through appropriate argumentation and references. The basic format of a college essay includes an introduction, main body paragraphs and a conclusion. College essay topics are not as simple as high school essay topics and require greater research and study.

Common high school college essay topics would generally be based on a famous personality or individual and students would usually be required to present simple facts and data relating to that personality. However, college essays topics will require in-depth research and analysis, in addition to references from outside resources to prove a certain point; for example, the impact of certain judgment on a nation by a president.

Obviously, a college essay is academic and will be graded, which is why students need to present the paper in the appropriate format and structure. Badly written college essay will result in lower grades and students should be extremely careful with the grammar, spellings and typos while writing their college essays. Students should be well aware of the referencing or citation style required to write the essay and must use it accurately. Some commonly used citation styles for college essay writing are APA, MLA, Harvard, Turabian and the Chicago Manual of Bibliography. These are some of the important aspects which students should consider when writing their college essays and must take help from instructors or the experts in case of doubt.

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