Chicago Style Software

The Chicago Style Manual has become popular largely because of its comprehensiveness. Virtually any grammatical or stylistic question you might have will be answered within the pages of the Chicago Manual of Style. But how can you commit so many rules and regulations to memory?

Chicago Style Software

The Wealth of Information in Chicago Style

Because the Chicago Manual of Style covers so many topics, it can be difficult to retain all of the information it contains. Many people purchase the manual itself, with hundreds of pages of reference to wade through. In a pinch, this hard-copy method can be daunting.

Easier Reference with Chicago Style Software

Luckily, with the magic of modern technology, you don’t have to hunt for stylistic information. Chicago Style software can be purchased online, and easily installed for quick reference. There is no more need for bulky texts and difficult rules.

In fact, you can even format your bibliography in an instant, using Chicago Style Software. Just by entering simple fields, you can generate an instant, accurate bibliography. You can be sure your citations and bibliography will conform to modern standards, every time.

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