Cause and Effect Essay

A cause and effect essay is a basic essay assignments, which students will need to complete. Writing cause and effect essays is one of the initial kinds of essays assigned to students during their early academic life. Writing cause and effect essay enhances the critical thinking skills of students and enables them to learn the basics of analysing different situations through cause and effect relationships.

Cause and Effect Essay

Like any other academic assignment, a cause and effect essay should also be well structured and formatted. The basic theme of a cause and effect essay is to explore the relationship between the causes of a situation and its many effects.

Due to the wide scope of the topic, cause and effect essays can be written on a variety of topics and on almost all subjects. Through cause and effect essay writing, students are primarily encouraged to engage in critical thinking and analytical skills of varying circumstances and commonly occurring situations in life.

Some of the important aspects which students need to consider when writing cause and effect essays are:
– Write to the point and relevant to the topic
– Carefully read and follow all instructions
– Investigate the topic by conducting extensive research and study
– Use authentic and scholarly resources

A cause and effect essay ideally begins an introduction which provides the reader with a basic view of the topic being discussed. The theme of the essay should be based on causes and its effects and the student will be required to study the topic from either one or both aspects – causes and/or effects. One of the basic intellectual developments which occurs by writing cause and effect essays is the ability to construe the effects by studying its causes. In higher classes, the cause and effect topics will be more challenging, and students will be required to determine and state the causes by studying the effects. Thus, cause and effect essays will develop the ability of students to think back and forth by exploring the situation is several ways and from all angles.

The main body paragraphs of a cause and effect essay should be equally divided depending on the total required word count of the essay. The student should relate all arguments to the thesis and must carefully present the causes and effects, backed by information from the text or from other credible sources.

The conclusion is the final section of cause and effect essays in which the student restates the thesis statement and the major points of the essay. A 1-page cause and effect essay should ideally have an introduction and conclusion of about one paragraph and three main body paragraphs. The paragraphs double with an increase in the number of pages. For instance a 3-page cause and effect essay will have 3 introduction and conclusion paragraphs with 9 body paragraphs.
Students should carefully follow all instructions and specifications when writing their cause and effect essays. They should strictly adhere to citation styles and must ensure that the paper is free from grammatical and punctuation errors. Students should carefully revise, edit and proofread the paper carefully before submitting it.

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