Case Study: If you could choose any culture or society, which one would

“If you could choose any culture or society, which one would, you choose to live in?”

Case Study: If you could choose any culture or society, which one would

If I had a chance, I would definitely prefer to stay at the same time frame. Though, I would gladly shift a country and would move to the place with totally different culture and traditions. Actually, I am a great fan of Arabic culture of modern edition, with its mix of ultra-modern and past; perfectly intersecting each other on the edge of the 21-st century. Therefore, I would love to move to Dubai, the capital of the United Arab Emirates.

First, Dubai is into rapid progress. It is the world center of architecture and tourism development. Currently, tourism is one of the main sources of revenue for Dubai. Impressively, but it took only two decades for the country to get the industry up to the highest stage. Since then, Dubai has become a cosmopolitan, where people from all over the world live together. It would definitely be exciting to live in the city, which is a kind of lessened model of the entire globe.

Secondly, Dubai welcomes best global experts to work in. Thus, I would have a great chance to be guided by professionals if I got a possibility to get the internship or job in Dubai-incorporated company. Working in Dubai would boost my career and enhance my personal growth.

Thirdly, Dubai has its unique culture. City authorities still value Muslim traditions, incorporating Sharia laws into the governing processes, though; they put a lot of efforts towards innovations. Therefore, only in Dubai it is possible to see the magnificent mosque and a brand-new skyscraper in the same city district. The locals of the city are also exciting to watch and to communicate with. For instance, watching a woman driving in a Bentley, wearing a traditional black hijab and high heels would not leave anyone uninvolved in the picture of this mysterious, magnificent place.

Summing it up, Dubai is a perfect place for working, having fun, shopping, communicating, studying, and, which is essential, feeling comfortable as a foreigner.

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